Need I Fight?

It did not occur to me until recently that I was poor
I used to believe I was fine
Until one morning my attention was drawn
To a hole in my coat. That was when I realized
How patiently the coat had endured me for nine and half years
I was worried when I saw how frail my trouser was
I knew it was more decent to have a hole
In my coat than in my trouser
So I smiled reassuringly.
I inspected my shoes, they were clean
But they worried me more than my clothes
Earlier today I made a pair of new soles for them
From a piece of cardboard I stole from my landlady
I know the first wet day they see
Would be the last I see of them.
I closed my eyes to offer a short prayer
And my stomach cringed from emptiness
Momentarily I took stock of the last 72 hours of dry fasting
Then I began to wonder why I was not angry at myself
Why have I been so quiet and unashamedly enduring
I realized my oblivion all these years
Was because I decided all was fine
I angrily bit a finger forcing a trickle of blood
My b…



In a world filled with troubles,
Be my peace.
When for too long I've been on my toes,
Put me at ease.

Kindle in me the urge to come home,
Just so we can get wasted in each other's warmth.
Let me know no cold,
Be my fire, don't get me burnt.

Pray for me not against me.
Lie on me and not to me.
Don't forsake me when I go insane.
Be the cure to my craze and not the craze that drives me.

Let not our love go blind
For its vision is beyond 20/20
Keep in your heart's mind
That I've chosen you for eternity.

_Jeremiah Kadiri


I'm a poem.
I'm versatile.
I mean a lot differently,
To a lot of different people.

I'm not tied to these meanings_
These different interpretations of me.
I'm only answerable to the me
That I know I am and can be.

Judge a book by its content
Not by its cover, they say,
What choice had the book
In its own publishing? I ask.

What you see is what you are,
good, bad, sweet or bitter.
I, like a book, am nothing
until you either write me off
or otherwise.

I'm a poem
About which you say what you know,
From your knowledge of who you are.

_Jeremiah Kadiri


You see this life?
There's (in it) so much bitterness, hate, anger...
So many feelings of disappointment, lacking, lagging...
Dashed hopes, betrayals, frustration, aches...

Despite these 👆

Do well to take a deep breath
smile and hit the gym, see a movie, dance, read a chapter from a book_ any good book, learn something new, write something (a paragraph or more), go swimming, take yourself on a treat and come home with a gift for your very own self...

Encourage yourself to keep pushing and Congratulate yourself for pushing so far.

Don't let the pressures of today's work rob you off the little joy there is in life and living.

_Jeremiah Kadiri

Fatal Flaw

Social Media Influencer: to say that I'm proud of Little Success is an understatement. I cannot possibly measure the level of elation I feel to know that kids like these are out there. This is a call on all Nigerians to support her course and ensure that she gets the best education there is. For this, I will donate the sum of 20k to her.
Please share this until it gets to her/her parents/relatives. She deserves all the help she can get... Blah blah blah...

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Meanwhile, your sister (who happens to be a single mother) has not been able to pay her son's tuition fees for some days and you've never asked why Junior hasn't been going to school. Perhaps you enjoy sending the poor child on errands as big Sis/big Bros. Your househelp does not have good clothes to wear but you've got a heap of clothes you'll never use again. Street kids litter the area looking malnourished but you chase them off your apartment with kobok…


I'll try to not impress you with words not because I don't want to entertain you with same but because the message herein is to be ingested and ruminated over without some forms of distraction.

life has taught me something no one is taught in the forewalls of the academia. This is the simple fact that 'the very person, object, being, situation that tries to PULL you DOWN is usually below you.'

hold on a second to run your mind through the key words in the aforementioned. you'll realise that to 'pull down', one must be under/below that which is being pulled.

Not surprising too is the fact that no matter how highly placed in status, wealth and affluence the puller is, s/he is usually below what they try to pull down down (one way or the other).

Herein, lots of people (neighbours, friends, family members and so on) will have (justifiable) reasons to want to pull you down. Yes! the word 'justifiable' is justified in this context for the fact that they&#…

don't vote

I'll not attempt to bore you with too many wordings. So before you start thinking #jeyKAD has gone crazy, here (in no particular order) are reasons to not vote.

Feel free to criticize constructively.

Don't Vote that candidate whose manifesto is riddled with blames, pointing out the flaws of the other candidate(s).

Don't vote that candidate who sees nothing good with previous and current regimes.

Don't vote that candidate who thinks he/she (alone) is or has all it takes to make Nigeria work.

Don't vote that candidate whose only campaign strategy is to expose the loopholes in other candidates' manifesto.

Don't vote that candidate who does not know what it feels like not to be able to pay tuition fees, buy kero, petrol and other basic needs. That candidate who does not know what it feeIs like to be hungry and driven out of one's home by flood, insurgency and other forms of disaster.

Don't vote that candidate who does not know how it feels like to stan…